Operational support

Any new equipment needs to be mastered, therefore, to facilitate and speed up this process, a three-day training of employees from the consumer enterprise is carried out on the territory of CJSC «Stroymashkomplekt», during which all issues related to the operation of the Destructors are considered in detail. This training is a mandatory activity to obtain a hardware warranty. Also, at the end of production, all our equipment undergoes mandatory tests, which can be visited by the customer.

Our equipment is designed and supplied for a specific type of waste. In case of receipt of a request from a consumer for the disposal of a waste type other than the previously discussed type, we assess the applicability of the supplied equipment for this type of waste and, in case of a positive conclusion, provide a paid service for the development of a technical process for the disposal of the newly declared type of waste. This includes the visit of CJSC «Stroymashkomplekt» specialists to the territory of the consumer enterprise for testing.

In case of receipt of a request from the customer for the disposal of any specific and "unpopular" waste, we can conduct test work on this raw material on our territory. To do this, it is necessary to ensure the delivery of waste from the customer enterprise to our test site in the required volume. This allows us to determine the suitability of waste for disposal on our equipment, to develop preliminary temperature and time regimes, to set the productivity for a specific type of waste.

For all of the above services, as well as for any other issues, you can send a request to the company's e-mail, or contact by phone and our specialists will certainly advise you.

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