Thermal destruction of solid fuel



CJSC  «SMK» is engaged in the production of Destructors of DM and DS series - equipment for the disposal of waste by reducing their volume and reducing their hazard class.

The principle of operation of Destructors is based on filtration combustion of carbon-containing materials in a counterflow mode. Filtration combustion is understood as the propagation of waves of exothermic transformation in a porous medium during gas filtration. The propagation of a wave of exothermic transformation in a mixture of condensed fuel with an inert component during filtration of an oxidizer through it leads to so-called "superadiabatic" heating. They arise due to the fact that the released heat is not carried away with the reaction products, but is concentrated in the combustion zone, which makes it possible to significantly increase the temperature in it. More information about the process can be found in the document: MODEL OF STEAM AIR GAS FACILITATION.

Destructors of series DM and DS are prefabricated units of full factory readiness and are designed to neutralize hazardous materials of class 2-4 waste. To operate Destructor, only a stable 380 V current source is required.

Destructors allow for neutralization directly on the territory of the enterprise, which greatly saves money both on transportation and on the transfer of waste to third-party enterprises receiving this waste.

Neutralization takes place without the supply of any additional fuel, the process proceeds exclusively due to the energy contained in the initial neutralized raw material.

Neutralization consists of reducing the volume of raw materials, which in these installations is 86%, and in reducing the hazard class of waste, which facilitates their further disposal, or opens up the possibility of using them in various industries.

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