Development and engineering

CJSC «Stroymashkomplekt» is a company with extensive experience in various fields of industry and technology. We are engaged in the development of ideologically new approaches and the implementation of our engineering solutions, which are manifested on various scales: from parts, mechanisms, assemblies and structures to the design of large engineering systems and full-fledged complexes.

For the main products, we develop technical solutions and conduct tests to simplify the operation of the Destructors, increase their productivity and extend their service life. Also, developments are underway to expand the capabilities of installations: full automation of the process from loading to removal of neutralized residue, remote control over the work of operators and the technical condition of equipment, generation of heat and electric energy for their own needs, expanding the list of neutralized waste by improving the design.

Our company provides services for engineering development, development work, as well as the release of design and technological documentation in accordance with the standards of USDD (Unified System for Design Documentation) and GOST (State Standards).

For maximum convenience, the equipment is manufactured in accordance with the technical specification provided by the customer or developed jointly.

We offer our customers well-developed design and technological solutions to improve product quality and reduce its cost. We also provide full-fledged engineering support of the project, including placement in production and product quality control.

Are there any non-standard tasks? We are ready to discuss them and offer interesting engineering solutions for typical and not quite standard situations.

For advice on issues related to engineering, you need to send a request to our e-mail, or contact the specialists by phone.

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